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My fascination towards kittens may seem exaggerating for people who see it from outside. But Ii get so much loving care and attention from them that more than i can have from any human beings, except for the few of my beloved ones. When I am sad, my cat is beside me, purring, comforting as if she said:

"don’t be downhearted, I am beside you and I always will be ".

I can tell them anything, they will not argue, they look at me understanding, cheer me up, if I am sad and they share my happy moments. I do not need to make an appointment if I need somebody, i simply put them on my lap, and all my troubles are sorted out.
We established our breeding stock in the autumn of 2008. We love every species of cats without consideration of pedigree. We have a neutered „house” cat too, and of course we have beutiful ragdoll cats too. We have a small breeding stock, with the best bloodlines.

We are devoted to give as many ragdolls as we can to loving masters so that they can be as happy with these kind and beautiful species as we are.
We love the fur of our cat, which is as smooth as if we touched a rabbit. The beautiful blue eyes shine with happiness and love. The wonder they can give to us is hardly can be written.
Our goal is to give well-socialized, healthy kitten to the new masters. Our cats are members of the family at us, they sleep, eat with us and whenever it is possible they are with us.
We hope, you like our homepage and you have found lots of useful information about the kittens.

Have fun!

ps: it is important to know the honest breeding is not a profitable thing, but rather an expensive hobby. Therefore, if you really want to buy, whom you desire, take the cat to a real breeder who gives a pedigree, vaccination book, and the kittens have micro-chip, and they are spayed/neutered before the adopting. This breeder then you can access at any time and will help, will not disappear without a trace, and at least one member of a recognized cat association, which in turn is a guarantee. If you have decided that now is the time for a new family member to accommodate the breeder welcoming home where all of your questions as best it will be answered, and as things no one can answer, so you can be sure that if you ask then will have it all. She/he's not afraid to show the parents of the kittens.